Ellen Jane Nelson1,2

Female, #69737, b. February 10, 1847, d. February 11, 1924
RelationshipEllen Jane Nelson is a spouse of one of my relatives. Because Ellen Jane is not a relative of mine I am not actively researching her.
BirthFebruary 10, 1847Ellen was born February 10, 1847 in Cole County, Missouri.3 
Birth of Daughterbetween 1868 and 1869Her daughter Laura was born between 1868 and 1869 in Illinois.4 
MarriageMarch 5, 1868She married Isaac Thomas Murphy, son of John Murphy Jr and Rosanna Moore, March 5, 1868 in Warren County, Illinois.3  
Birth of Daughterbetween 1871 and 1872Her daughter Minnie was born between 1871 and 1872 in Illinois.5 
Birth of SonMay 15, 1874Her son Charles was born on May 15, 1874 in Abingdon, Knox County, Illinois.1,2 
Birth of Daughterbetween 1878 and 1879Her daughter Ida was born between 1878 and 1879 in Missouri.5 
Birth of SonSeptember, 1885Her son Albert was born in September, 1885 in Illinois.6 
Marriage of SonDecember 9, 1897Her son, Charles Butler Murphy, married Susan Ethel Parrish on December 9, 1897.1,2 
Death of SpouseApril 12, 1902She was widowed when her husband, Isaac, died on April 12, 1902 in Kewanee, Henry County, Illinois.3 
Death of SonMay 14, 1918Her son, Charles, died on May 14, 1918 in Cameron, Warren County, Illinois.1,2 
DeathFebruary 11, 1924Ellen died February 11, 1924 in Kewanee, Henry County, Illinois at age 77.3  


Isaac Thomas Murphy b. 16 Oct 1844, d. 12 Apr 1902
Children 1.Laura J Murphy4 b. between 1868 and 1869
 2.Minnie M Murphy5 b. between 1871 and 1872
 3.Charles Butler Murphy+2 b. May 15, 1874, d. May 14, 1918
 4.Ida A Murphy5 b. between 1878 and 1879
 5.Albert J Murphy6 b. Sep, 1885
(household member) Census 1870July 21, 1870Ellen Jane Nelson was listed as a member of the household of Julona Ray in the 1870 Census on July 21, 1870 in Roseville, Warren County, Illinois. Other members of the household listed were Isaac Thomas Murphy and Laura J Murphy. Wife of Isaac Thomas Murphy.4
Census 1880June 2, 1880Ellen was listed as Isaac Thomas Murphy's wife in the 1880 Census on June 2, 1880 in Bogard Township, Henry County, Missouri. Other members of the household listed were Laura J Murphy, Minnie M Murphy, Charles Butler Murphy and Ida A Murphy.5
Number ChildrenJune, 1900Ellen Jane Nelson had eight children of whom five were living as of June, 1900.6 
Census 1900June 6, 1900Ellen was listed as Isaac Thomas Murphy's wife in the 1900 Census on June 6, 1900 at 310 West 5th Street Kewanee, Henry County, Illinois. Other members of the household listed were Albert J Murphy There are also two lodgers lised in the household.6
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